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The Workplace, Economics & Policy

Firms With Overseas Networks Had an Early Warning About COVID-19

Companies with networks in China and Italy responded to the pandemic and enacted work-from-home policies faster than local governments.

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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Gender Factor in Investing

New research explores how biases can affect the funding of female-led ventures.

Social Impact, Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Best of Bizcast 2020

A look back at some of our most popular podcasts from 2020.

Leadership, The Workplace, Strategy

The Key to Solving Deadlocked Boards

New research finds that deadlocked boards lead to entrenched CEOs and argues in favor of director term limits.

Economics & Policy, Social Impact, Leadership

The Inside Game: Political Donations and Insider Trading

Groundbreaking research sheds light on the 2007 French presidential election and the relationship between campaign contributions and executives’ behavior.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

A Furniture Startup Pivots to Work-From-Home Setups

When office closures forced employees to work from home, Branch was ready with new and improved products.

This Alumna Tells It Like It Is

Podcast host Cassandra Rae Pittman ’12 is having candid conversations with female entrepreneurs.

New App Helps Increase Youth Voter Turnout

The Movement, founded by Jordan Giallanzo ’18, drives change by making civic engagement easier and more rewarding.


A Wall Street Couple Is Bringing Diversity Conversations to the Table

Anjelica Watson ’13 and John Watson ’13 on how to broach conversations on race and inclusion in the workplace.

More Advice for the Next Administration

CBS faculty members weigh in on how the incoming president can address healthcare, climate change, protectionism, immigration, and partisanship

Michael Gee ’81 Turns Decades of Leadership Experience Into Advice for a More Diverse Workplace

Gee frequently publishes articles on combatting racism in the workplace, opening the pipeline for Black talent, and the importance of reparations.

The Workplace

What’s a Fair Price in a Pandemic?

New research highlights the role of value when judging fairness.

Ensuring Fair Hiring in the Midst of a Pandemic

Alumni co-founders of job site Wanted know that transparency and salary are top priorities for talent.

How to Lead Virtual Teams Successfully

COVID-19 has made remote work a necessity, but that doesn't mean that teams have to sacrifice communication.

Data & Business Analytics

Privacy Protection and the Future of Digital Platforms

A panel of tech industry experts and academic researchers discussed the ongoing legal, ethical, and political debates over data privacy.

What You Buy Could Reveal How You Vote

The social media we follow and what we consume says a lot about our political affiliations.

Economics & Policy

Do Wealthy People Deserve to Be Rich? 

The public perception of wealth influences how policy makers address the problem of economic inequality.

There Is a Better Way to Regulate Chinese Social Media Apps

Professor Shang-Jin Wei offers an alternative to President Trump’s executive orders on TikTok and WeChat.

The Moral Cost of Unemployment Insurance

Generous unemployment benefits paradoxically make it easier for firms to lay off workers.

Social Impact

Do You Tell People Who You’re Voting For?

Keeping your vote a secret from family and close friends could result in feeling regretful and inauthentic.

This Startup Makes Civics Education Accessible

Local Civics brings civics technology and programming to young people across the country.

Startup Principles Helped Deliver Meals to Millions

FeedMyCity distributed 4.5 million cooked meals to migrant workers in India through a mix of marketing, technology, and leadership.


The Truth About Priorities: Five is Probably the Wrong Number

Rethinking the orthodoxies of setting priorities.

Be Yourself in Your Next Selfie

New research shows that authenticity on social media leads to an increased sense of well-being.


Reducing the Stigma of COVID-19 at Work

Surveying employees using the random rotation method could help keep workers and workplaces safe.

Do Hospital Mergers Bring Down Costs?

New analysis shows that examining marginal costs provides a clearer picture of potential savings.

How To Get COVID-19 Testing Right

Professors Carri Chan, Assaf Zeevi, and Daniel Russo analyze how testing 300 people in New York City for COVID-19 antibodies could help stem a second wave of the pandemic.

Rise to the challenge.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of business, while bringing historical inequities and injustice into sharp relief.

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