Hospitals and Supply Chains in View of COVID-19

Health experts discuss ways to improve hospital management, the best tactics for resource allocation, and the drastic systemic changes occurring amidst the COVID-19 health crisis. Close-captioned.


Healthcare experts Carri Chan, associate professor of business; Awi Federgruen, the Charles E. Exley Professor of Management and chair of the Decision, Risk, and Operations Division; and Joel Park, MD, MS, FACEP, and assistant professor of clinical emergency medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine, discuss hospital management, resource allocation, and systemic challenges during the COVID-19 global health crisis. Moderated by Alexander Efron ’20, co-president of Columbia Business School’s Healthcare Industry Association.

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Rise to the challenge.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of business, while bringing historical inequities and injustice into sharp relief.

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