What’s the Impact of the 2020 Presidential Election on Businesses?

Faculty experts and alumni business leaders discuss how the incoming administration will affect retail, healthcare, and energy infrastructure.

Strategy, Economics & Policy, Healthcare

Professor Bruce Kogut, the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Professor of Leadership and Ethics, moderated a panel discussion on how the incoming Biden administration and the likelihood of a divided Congress will affect businesses across different sectors of the economy.

Panelists included Donnel Baird ’13, the founder of BlocPower, who analyzed what future policies could mean for the energy infrastructure market.

Anushka Salinas ’10, President and Chief Operating Officer at Rent the Runway, explained how the COVID-19 pandemic changed the company’s strategy and how it is looking ahead to a renewed focus on environmental sustainability

Assistant Professor Ashley Swanson, whose recent research has focused on the relationship between health insurance companies and hospital finances, discussed the future of healthcare policy and possible changes to the Affordable Care Act.

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For the School’s Leading Through Change webinar series, CBS faculty, alumni, and special guests have shared insights over the past six months on the future of the economy during the pandemic.

Rise to the challenge.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of business, while bringing historical inequities and injustice into sharp relief.

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